Daily life in Egypt now

Hi everyone!! We are getting several emails and PMs about our safety here in Cairo, so I thought I would send out a little update for our friends and family and Fox News die hards who wonder if we are in danger and/or on the brink of needing to come home…

In a word…we are fine. Life is normal. What you are seeing on the news is real and truly happening..but it’s important to remember that what is on the news is only one square in all of Cairo. It’s about the size of 4 city blocks. Please understand that Cairo is a mega-metropolis of over 19 million people. So if 1 million people are in Tahrir….that means 18 million are still going about their daily lives. Outside of Tahrir Square, life is normal. Shops are open. People are dining out, going to work, hanging out with friends. My kids are walking to and from school every day. Micah and I went shopping today (on foot) and bought fruit and lunch. The sun is shining, people are smiling…and while they are truly sad and disheartened about the political situation it’s very calm here and we are in no danger. Starbucks is still packed and McDonald’s is still delivering. LOL…

This does not mean that people are unaffected. The hearts of Egyptians are hurting and angry. The Revolution was about bringing about change and democracy…not bringing in another dictator..so naturally they are upset. But, by in large, they are doing just like most of us do when we hate what our government does. They talk about it, vent about it, argue about it….and pray about it. There is fear from different sects on what this will mean for religious freedoms, for businesses here, for personal rights and choices being removed but….how that plays out for the daily routine of most people… is very normal.

Thank you so much for all your emails and PMs. We are grateful to not be forgotten. Please continue to pray for Egypt and it’s beautiful people and for this government that is struggling to find footing and move forward in a better future. We are open to any questions or concerns you may have regarding this area of the world, believe me we have heard it all. 🙂

All grace to yall-Rebecca


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  1. susanne07
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 19:44:22

    Rebecca- So good to hear what is happening. My hunch was that this was the case, but it’s good to hear it from you. It sounds like Micah is adjusting well? I saw on FB that Claire jammed her finger at school the other day? She OK now? I hate that we haven’t talked in so long!! Do you want to try skype with our cell phones? I’ve downloaded whatsapp and it’s not showing a message from you. I don’t know what to do!

    Anyway I’ll give you an update this way I guess. It’s been a little strange around here. We are still working furiously to attempt to get Ryan to move- but it’s very slow going. The other day he did scooch along the floor on his belly- it took like 20 minutes. It’s crazy ridiculous how much work we are putting in to this with such little return. It’s like an 11 hour a day job, and yet he still does not walk, talk, barely eats and can’t use his hands. I regularly want to scream with frustration. He is now 40 pounds. I carry him whenever I can, or hold his torso up so he can move his legs to walk. It’s slow, but he can do that and it’s easier than carrying him. I hate the wheel chair. I hate what it represents. I still am not willing to face that he may need it the rest of his life. He is so sweet. He really does smile all the time, and laughs so hard when his brother plays with him. How to do this is a trick. Ben tries to roll around on the floor with him, and makes funny faces at him, reads to him and wheels him around in the chair sometimes (really fast.) But he is heart broken too. The other day B & H where at a friends house who has 3 kids. 2 boys. When I picked them up Ben was really down. I was like- what’s up? Did you have fun? did something happen? He said it was OK but he really wished he had a brother that could play with him like they do. He was close to tears. … I think we may need a dog.

    Love and miss you so much Bec- Susanne



  2. Jen Baker
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 17:33:39

    Glad to hear life is going on as usual where you are 🙂


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